About us

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Our Experience

Our first branch was opened in 2020 in Montreux, Switzerland. Since then we have gained considerable experience in the field of currency exchange. One of our main goals is to make our customer satisfied and happy to have done business with us. Moreover, we are proud of all the great experiences we have already been able to offer.

Our services have been so appreciated and requested that in 2023, we opened a branch in Zurich.

The team at Global Exchange of Switzerland SA strives to provide the most reliable, secure, fast and user-friendly foreign exchange service possible in a variety of languages. Our exchange rate is market driven and one of the most reasonable in the country.

Our Mission

We have a team of financial experts whose mission is to use their discerning eye to serve you professionally and at reasonable prices, with the safest method in the local market.

Our Vision

We want to develop our expertise to be the most reliable, secure and efficient company in the foreign exchange and gold buying and selling market, nationally and internationally.

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